You ‘Forget’ to Pack Gym Clothes

You ‘Forget’ to Pack Gym Clothes

You bring your reusable water bottle with you everywhere, but you don’t bring it on vacation? Drinking water is a cornerstone of eating clean, and yet many of us forget to do it—even when we’re surrounded by oceans and pools! Whether you spend the day touring, hiking, or lounging by the pool, if you’re in the sun or being active, your body is steadily becoming dehydrated. That’s because your body has to work hard to stay cool and because you’re losing fluids and salts through sweating. When you’re dehydrated, you’re more likely to confuse thirst as hunger, leading you to overeat.

7 You Get Too Much Sun
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Yes, sunburn can lead to potentially lethal melanoma, but it also has an adverse effect on your waistline. When you turn into a lobster on your first day of vacation, you’re likely to be out of commission for a few days. What happens when you can’t expose yourself to the sun? You guessed it—you sit around in the cool air conditioning or under an umbrella. And good luck getting those tight-fitting leggings on over that burn. Wave good-bye to working out!

8 You ‘Forget’ to Pack Gym Clothes
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You found room to fit in seven different options for that one night you were planning to go out (along with shoes and the proper jewelry), but couldn’t squeeze in shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers? If you don’t vacation with the tools to work out, you’re most likely not going to work out. To add to the damage being done: According to a Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise study, muscular detraining can occur in as little as two weeks of inactivity.

9 You Bring Work With You
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Your job is already making you fat, you don’t need to bring it on vacation with you. To keep up or get ahead, many people feel the need to continue to work on days off. In fact, a survey conducted for car rental company Alamo indicated that 53 percent of millennials say they pressure themselves to work on vacation, and another study by Glassdoor shows that 66 percent of employees admitted to conducting some work on a recent vacation. Not only does this prevent you from being able to relax fully and destress—which means your cortisol levels will continue to trigger hunger and fat storage—but it’s a huge time suck, leaving you less time to be with your family and enjoy your free time and planned activities.

10 You Go on a ‘See Food’ Diet
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Whether it be endless buffets or trying a bunch of new, foreign dishes, vacations often revolve around food. It’s certainly tempting to try everything and never reject the food that is offered to you. But just because it’s in front of your face (or free), doesn’t mean you have to try everything. It might be a little taste here and there, but those calories can add up over the course of the day. It’s fine to give in to indulgences—in fact, it can help you lose weight—but you have to choose them wisely and plan accordingly.

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