Robot waiters serve food in this South Indian restaurant

Robot waiters serve food in this South Indian restaurant

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01/8Robot waiters in India!

We all know that change is the only constant and when it comes to food, change is happening every now and then. From cuisine to modes of cooking, everything has changed and the latest change that social media is gushing over is the introduction of ‘Robots’ as waiters. Though the trend started in Japan way back, recently a restaurant in Karnataka introduced the concept of the robot-themed restaurant, but the owners had to stop the services soon. Read to know why.

02/8 Where is this restaurant?

Located in Shivamogga’s Darshani Hotel, this restaurant has robot waiters that greet the guests and then take the order and deliver on the respective table too.
03/8Why they had to stop the services?

According to sources, the restaurant owners had to stop the service because of the crowd. As soon as the local people got to know about the unique feature of the restaurant, they started rushing to the restaurant and at last the owners had to stop the service.

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